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Erotic Masseuse Alina.

Massage Moscow. Hello. We offer outcall massage sessions anywhere in Moscow – at home, in a hotel, in an apartment. Massage Moscow has a variety of effects on metabolic processes.
Under the influence of massage, urination increases. In the blood, the amount of hemoglobin, erythrocytes and leukocytes increases. 

In brief, erotic masseuse Alina is a very friendly and open girl with a beautiful body. She is a playful girl and an experienced massage therapist. She offers outcall massage in Moscow. Time with the masseuse Alina is never in a hurry.

Further swedish massage, which was developed at the beginning of the 19th century and its main goal was to improve human blood circulation. Unlike other types of massage, the Swedish massage technique is somewhat stronger and deeper.

Besides, you will enjoy not only touching, but also the fact that you will feel positive energy. Daily massage truly has a beneficial effect on the entire body. Enhances the flow of fresh oxygen and vital energy into the body in the form of nutrients. At the same time, harmful substances are removed from the body. In addition, massage does not cause an increase in lactic acid in the muscles. This explains the beneficial effect on tired muscles. Metabolism-enhancing massage helps to reduce body fat. In conclusion. the
duration of the massage session is 60 minutes.
– The masseuse is completely naked.
-Guest takes a shower
-Classic massage – 30 min, erotic part – 15 min (light body massage)
-1 rest
Guests are offered a classic program. This is an hour of pleasure from the smooth touches of the hands of a skilled masseuse. These sixty minutes are in three parts. First, the guest goes to take a shower and refresh the body before the massage.
The next stage is the “traditional classic” in the form of a regular, but no less pleasant than any other massage. It lasts forty minutes. Another fifteen minutes – an erotic program: light, body massage. After that, the visitor goes to the shower to get rid of the remnants of fatigue and at the same time come in a cheerful mood, ready for new challenges. The duration of the classic part of such an erotic massage program is 45 minutes, and the erotic part lasts 15 minutes (light body massage without imitations). After that you take a shower.
Finally, if you need a specific masseuse, please try to arrange a booking in advance. You can order by email, phone or whatsapp.
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