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Massage for Couples

Massage for Couples

Couples massage has a big impact on the senses and provides an erotic experience for both men and women. This sensual session with our tantric masseuse in Moscow will give you a pleasant experience. Our specialists use the ancient technical school of sliding the body over the body, awakening warmth and tenderness in you. Under the massage, blood circulation improves, tired muscles relax, and you will feel a surge of excitement. On the other hand, the aromatic oil and the relaxing music of the Buddha enhance the erotic effect of the massage for couples. Just a few minutes of sensitive massage, as well as the gentle touch of the masseuse, not only restore muscle performance, but also increase it.


The massage atmosphere is very important for influencing the nervous system, warm air, soft light, pleasant calm music enhances the sexual effect. The massage session ends with a LINGAM massage (genitals)


Couples with cooled feelings may reawaken mutual sexual attraction. Massage can be performed by several massage therapists. A warm shower before and after a massage session will do you good. Tantra is not just a massage practice that deals with the sexual energies of couples.
Tantra massage is a tool for introspection and self-study of some ancient techniques.

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